Prepare for a PhD

Lucerne School of Art and Design offers a new online course (MOOC) preparing for a practice-based PhD in Design, Film and Art. In this course participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the process, challenges, and benefits of preparing a practice-based research project in a creative field.


Experts share their experience of pursuing a doctorate while educators and peers frame their input to present a wider perspective on practice-based PhDs in the arts, where the importance and reach of research has grown in recent years. Doing a PhD is a first step towards a professional career in this domain. However, this is a broad field and every institution, every student treads their own path. MA graduates in the arts, meanwhile, are very often unprepared for what it means to take on a doctorate. This course aims to bridge the gap between an MA and a practice-based PhD by offering concrete guidance on how to approach the endeavour. With the help of inspiring examples, experts, educators and peers will show step by step what it takes to formulate one’s own proposal.


The course is aimed at the international community of designers, artists and filmmakers who consider pursuing a doctorate in their field of activity. Over six weeks, Professors Prof. Dr. Rachel Mader and Prof. Dr. Axel Vogelsang guide the participants through the various stages of a PhD using videos, texts and discussion formats. The course revolves around six recent PhDs in Fine Arts, Design and Film with a practical focus.



Participation in this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is open to all interested parties and is free of charge. The course is available on the online platform FutureLearn at any time and can be scheduled individually. Learn more in the Introduction video.


For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Rachel Mader or Prof. Dr. Axel Vogelsang


The PhD preparation course was developed and produced at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and ArtsLucerne School of Art and Design and with the generous support of the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Research.


In collaboration with Campus Luzern, Lucerne School of Art and Design offers a PhD preparation course starting each September. The program lasts two semesters and is mainly held in German. The course is for people considering doing a PhD in design, film or art and related fields, as well as for people who would like to gain insight into the methods and approaches of applied research in the arts.


Participants select seminars on methods and theories and develop their PhD proposal with which they can later apply for scholarships and supervision. A rough idea sketch must be submitted as a prerequisite for the participation.


The next course starts on September 14, 2022.


For further information on the subscription check the course description or contact Pablo Müller or Andreas Unteidig.